2018 Syracuse Winter Brewfest
                      Saturday, January 13, 2018                               
F Shed
Syracuse Regional Market
2100 Park Street
Syracuse, NY 

      Presented by

           Just announced!
                 A Belgian Beer 

Event Details 

Date:  Saturday, January 13, 2018

Location:  F Shed, Syracuse Regional Market
                      2100 Park Street
                      Syracuse, NY

Hours:       Afternoon session:  1 pm - 4 pm
                      VIP session:                 6 pm - 7 pm (includes evening session)
                      Evening session:       7 pm - 10 pm
Thank you

We understand that you have many choices with your entertainment dollar.  We thank you for purchasing a ticket to this event.  It's our desire to help you have the best time ever that drives us to make this event the best it can be.
Frequently asked questions
Q:  What is the Belgian Beer Experience?
A:   It is an opportunity to sample 8 very special Belgian Beers.  You will get tickets to sample 
      each of the 8 Belgian Beers specially selected by Party Source Beverage Center.  You must 
      purchase a General Admission ticket as well to visit this special attraction.

Q:  Can my designated driver be under 21?
A:   No.  Everyone entering this event must be 21 or older.
Q:  Can I bring my child?
A:   No if your child is under 21.

Q.  Is there a dress code?
A:   No.  Most people dress like they're going to a pub.

Q.  Will food be available?
A:   Yes.

Q:   Can I purchase any of the beer?
A:   Yes as long as we have growlers left.  It must be purchased in our growler.

Q:  Where else can I get tickets?
A:   Any Wegmans store, Party Source Beverage Center, Erie Blvd. in Syracuse, NY.